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Look at this Amazing 3D Painting on your Bathroom floors

do you get bored to your bathroom design? There are plans to redecorate? look at this references 3D Ocean Floor or Ocean Floor mean nuanced 3D made with Floor Painting.Certainly will make the room feel like they are the beach and the sea as well as foster new sensation-sensation that you’ve never […]

LMAO! Male Makeup Transformation Parody Meme

  For beauty, he’s jagonya women, because women are indeed created with a lot of beauty.Physically, the obvious man-this guy doesn’t have a perfect level like the celebrities, but with the help of makeup, the men can also appear similar to a tub of celebrities. You will be dumbfounded and […]

NASA Developed Drones To The Planet Mars

  This drone has a name that is long enough, ‘ a Preliminary Research the Aerodynamic Design to Land on Mars ‘ or abbreviated Prandtl-m (ubergizmo)  The efforts of The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to unravel the mystery of life on Mars continues. NASA is currently developing a […]

Xiaomi Mi 5 Will Come on November?

  In addition to the design without the bezel, the specification of the level of any deity is offered from this Mi5 Xiaomi series  Rumours of the presence series smartphone premium Xiaomi, Xiaomi Mi5, was already blowing in some time. In fact, had revealed some of the photos showed this […]

OnePlus 2 Will be Wrapped Metal!

OnePlus consistently give a glimpse about his newest mobile will be released late July 2015. This time is the CEO directly Zuohu Liu OnePlus provide leakage through Weibo. Through the site Zuohu, said that Weibo OnePlus 2 will use a body made of metal. This is very contrary to its […]

Newest Uncharted 4 Trailer! check this out!

uncharted 4 (naughty dog) Gamers are looking forward to the Uncharted 4 ascertained would the more curious look at the latest game trailer video hosts Naught Dog. In addition to the graphic quality that does not need to be questioned again, action character in it is also ascertained would make […]

Fingerprint scanner OnePlus 2 Claimed faster than TouchID

Approaching the time of its release, the specification of which removed successor OnePlus One continues to unfold. OnePlus party confirm the presence of a fingerprint sensor on newest product in the official forum for long. This Chinese origin vendor had its own reason to pin the features named in this ID […]

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10 Mysterious Photo That Cant Be Explained.

  Life is a mystery. It’s like the saying goes, there is indeed a point as well. We’ll never know what would have happened in our lives in the future, or what ever happened before we were born. Although there are many historians and scientists, but still no one could […]

18 Super cool table design

In general form the table just so for granted, nothing special. But in the hands of creative people, the table may turn into something wonderful, briliiant, cool and artistic. Fantastic artwork is certainly can be used as a table in General, but can also be used to beautify the room […]

This girl use condoms to cook

In recent years, the use of condoms in Japan continued to decline, and lead to increased cases of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Even in the years of putting Japan on the last third to the use of condoms. Kyosuke Kagami, a chef from Japan wrote a book to […]

This Is The Youngest DJ In The World!

Hlongwane and Refiloe Marumo from Johannesburg, South Africa, find hidden talent to their son, Oratilwe Hlongwane, who still was two years Oratilwe Hlongwane, who still two years old showed exceptional talent. He could choose and play the music DJ from his father’s laptop. This capability became a phenomenon that continues to […]

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    Path is Move on after Acquired by KakaoTalk

    Path and Path Talk has officially acquired by Daum cocoa, Cocoa Talk providers. But due to being sold only these two services and not the whole company. And how is the continuation of their work, including in Indonesia? This is their explanation of the Path Inc. As is known, Path […]

    These photos were taken a few seconds before the bad stuff happens

    Sometimes a picture can tell a lot of things, the following photo is a photo just before the bad things happened. A coincidence or did an incredible accuracy of angle? Lets check the photo thechive.com thechive.com thechive.com thechive.com thechive.com thechive.com thechive.com thechive.com thechive.com thechive.com thechive.com thechive.com thechive.com

    Superhero habits that you dont know

    The following is a collection of funny pictures pop art art created by Greg Guillemin which he named “The Secret Life of Heroes.” There are characters like Catwoman, Superman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Batman, Harley Quinn, Wolverine, and Robocop. They described was doing something that usually never we saw […]

    Consciously or not, Smartphones have taken your life

    Nowadays mobile phones have become one of the gadgets is mandatory. Eight out of ten American citizens allegedly addicted to mobile phone and can just kill you at any time. Originally created for the mobile phone connected to each other. But another story when it’s dependence and addiction to mobile […]