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Default Raket Tenis Wilson Pro Staff (6.1) Six One 90 BLX Roger Federer

Kondisi Barang : Baru

Harga :

Lokasi Seller : DKI Jakarta

Description :


Raket Tenis Pro Staff Six One 90 BLX ini Merupakan Raket Tenis TERBARU dari Wilson yg dipakai oleh Roger Federer . .

Spesification =

Head Size : 90 sQuArE iN

Weight : 339 Grams

Composition : BaSaLt

Power Level : Low

Stroke Style : FuLL

Swing Speed : Fast

Racquet Colors : White / Red / Gold / Black

Grip Type : WiLson GeNuinE PrEmiuM Leather

String Pattern : 16 Mains / 19 Crosses

Roger Federer's racquet, the BLX Six One Pro Staff 90 is designed to offer the Advanced Player Supreme ControL, FeeL and Stability..

In this Version of the Venerable 90, we also found improved Maneuverability . .

Easier Access to Faster Swing Speeds upped BOTH the SPIN and POWER Potential on Strokes and Serves..

At contact the Racquet still offers an incredibly Solid and Stable Feel, Touch is Enhanced New Technology Placing Strips of Basalt Graphite in the Handle to Better Connect the Player to The Ball . .

Untuk Raket Wilson Pro Staff BLX ini Tersedia Juga =

WiLson Pro Staff Six One 95 BLX :

in Appearance, this BLX Six One Pro Staff 95 is a Lighter & Faster Swinging Racquet..

A great fit for today's Heavy SPIN Hitting Game, this racquet offers Exceptional Maneuverability for a player's racquet . .

The Open String Pattern Provides Excellent Bite making it Easy to Hit Heavy Topspin & Slice . .

Spesification =

Head Size : 95 sQuArE iN

Weight : 313 Grams

Composition : BaSaLt

Power Level : Low

Stroke Style : FuLL

Swing Speed : Fast

Racquet Colors : White / Red / Gold / Black

Grip Type : WiLson Pro HYBRID

String Pattern : 16 Mains / 19 Crosses

Wilson Pro Staff Six One 100 BLX :

BLX Six One Pro Staff 100 is a Versatile Offering..

Pro Staff 100 gives Every Player the Opportunity to be a SPIN Monster !!

Those who Like to Attack the Ball with Heavy SPIN from the Baseline will Love the Way this Racquet can be Whipped Through Contact for Maximum SPIN and Pace, with just Enough Power to please the Counter Puncher as well..

As on Groundstrokes, the Fast Feel Lends itself to a Very SPIN Response on Serve.. with ALL of the Control, Feel and SPIN it Very Easy to be Consistent with this Racquet, Even when playing Aggressively . .

Spesification =

Head Size : 100 sQuArE iN

Weight : 285 Grams

Composition : BaSaLt

Power Level : Medium

Stroke Style : Medium - FuLL

Swing Speed : Medium - Fast

Racquet Colors : White / Red / Gold / Black

Grip Type : WiLson Pro HYBRID

String Pattern : 16 Mains / 18 Crosses

* Barang ini 100% ORIGINAL / Asli . .

Untuk Tas Wilson nya Tersedia ==> Tas Tenis Wilson BLX Tour Super SIX (seleting 3)..

* Tas ini keluaran TERBARU dari Wilson BLX (Tas Besar Seleting 3 Lengkap Dengan Thermo Guard / Anti Panas) . .

* Just Arrived ==> Hot Stuff Back Pack Wilson BLX Team (Red) & Wilson BLX cLuB (bLaCk) . .

* Harga & Kualitas kami jamin . .

* Kami menjual banyak merk bola tenis seperti Dunlop Fort, Dunlop Fort Elite, Dunlop Volley, Slazenger (Wimbledon Championship Ball), Wilson (Ausralian Championship Ball) ==> NEW, Nassau impact, Nassau dalam Ember (Lite Green & BLACK), penn, Soft tennis ball (75% ; 50%) & Training Ball / bola Latihan, Mini Tennis Ball, dll . .

* Kami menjual segala macam merk senar Tenis & Badminton . .

* Senar Tenis : Wilson (NXT), Head (Synthetic Gut PPS), Babolat (RPM Blast, Pro Hurricane, Pro Hurricane Tour, Poly Mono, Revenge, Conquest Titanium), Gamma (Power Play, Infinity, Live Wire Professional (Gauge 17), ESP 17, TNT Fusion Plus 19), Prince (Lightning XX [Silver, Red, Pink & Black], Tournament Poly, Twisted 16L, Top Spin Duraflex 15L, Recoil, ZLX, Beast XP, Hybrid 3D Recoil), NATURAL GUT, LUXILON Big Banger (Alu Power, Timo, Spin, Zolo, Rough), Gosen (Polylon 17, Polyblend 17/16, Polybreak 18), Forten (Thin Blend, Aramid Gear, New Age), Pacific (Gear Blend, Power Spin, Force 17 & 18 & Premium Power X), Toalson (Hybrid Polyspin, Cyberblade, Thermaxe, Ultimate Spin, Ultimate Power, Dual Apex, Polygut, Polygut Super, dll), Ashway (Crossfire, Dynamite WB, Composite XT Pro),Technifibre (Synthetic Gut, Poly Spin, Black Code, Red Code, X-Code, X-one BIPHASE, Xr3, NRG2, TGV, dll), Kimoni (Gauge 17). .

* Senar Badminton : Yonex, Li Ning (Gauge 0.62), Victor, MMOA, Forten Ti (Titanium 65), Ashway, Toalson . .

* Buat Gripnya Tersedia Juga TOURNA Grip, Whipper, Toalson, Prince, Babolat (Genuine Leather), Wilson, Technifibre, Yonex, Pro Kennex & Kimony ==> Best Quality . .

* Kami juga menyediakan Water Noodle, Kacamata berenang Minus & segala macam keperluan berenang . .

* Kami Wimbledon Sports hadir di Jakarta Utara & Jakarta Selatan . .

* Pusat :

Jln. Bulevard Raya blok TB II no. 14 & 15, Kelapa Gadink, Jakarta Utara

* Cabang :

Jln. Panglima Polim Raya No. 49A (Sebelah Bank Danamon) Jakarta Selatan

* Hotline : 087 87 525 3883 ; 081 888 1468 ==> Pin BBM ~ 23C04C69 (William) & 26034274 (Henky JAUW)

* FoLLoW oUr Twitter @Wimbledonsports Or ADD Me as Friend @facebook = Henky Jauw

* YM / E-maiL : ~

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