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Default Speaker aktif Simbadda, speaker portable, speaker usb

Simbadda CST 5000N = Rp.230rb,-

Simbadda CST 5500N = Rp.260rb,-

Simbadda CST 6000N = Rp.295rb,-

Simbadda CST 6500N = Rp.310rb,-

Simbadda CST 6700N = Rp.445rb,-

Simbadda CST 6800N = Rp.370rb,-

Simbadda CST 7000N = Rp.415rb,-

Simbadda CST 7500N = Rp.650rb,- (USB port / SD Card / MMC)

Simbadda CST 7700N = Rp.770rb,-

Simbadda CST 8000N = Rp.565rb,-

Simbadda CST 8800N = Rp.735rb,-

Simbadda CST 9000N = Rp.535rb,-

Simbadda CST 9500N = Rp.505rb,-

Simbadda CST 9700N = Rp.810rb,-

Simbadda CST 9850N = Rp.705rb,-

Simbadda CST 9900N = Rp.765rb,-

Simbadda CST z100N = Rp.230rb,-

Simbadda CST X-118N = Rp.260rb,-

Simbadda CST X-218N = Rp.260rb,-

A.Cokelat Rp.180rb,- B.Hitam Rp.160rb,- C.Merah Rp.110rb,- D.Ungu Rp.45rb,- E.Speaker aktif hitam Rp.225rb,-

A.Speaker rechargeble USB power supply untuk IPOD, MP3, MP4 player, PC dan Hand phone bisa pakai memory card dan flashdisk.

B,C,D.Speaker rechargeble USB power supply Untuk IPOD, MP3, MP4 player, PC dan Hand phone

COD : Muara Karang, Pluit, Jembatan Besi, Harco Magga Dua, Glodok

SMS / Call : 0813-828-088-23 / 021-963-306-27

a/n : Liu Lusi


Jualan saya lainnya :

Mp3, Mp4, Mp5 player :


Headset :


Dvd player, dvd portable :


Microphone/Mikropon :


Micro SD / Flashdisk :


Battery (baterai) dan Charger SANYO :


Camera :


Mouse mobil, USB Hub tikus / kerbau :


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