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Default *** JUAL MURAH Copy DVD Film Mandarin JADUL (80-90)***

Kondisi Barang : Baru

Harga :

Lokasi Seller : Jawa Barat

Description :


Jika agan2 sekalian ingin nostalgia dengan film2 jadul Mandarin era'80-90' seperti Moon Lee, Andy Lau, Max Mox, Tony Leung, Cindy Rothrock, Cynthia Khan, Michelle Yeoh dll,dapatkan dalam bentuk copy dvd original dari Hongkong, teks inggris hanya dengan Rp. 20.000;/cd.

Dan judul-judulnya sbb :

Moon Lee movies:

Winners and Sinners

The Champions

Zu Warriors

Mr. Vampire

Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars

Midnight Whispers

Mr. Vampire 2


Angel II

Devil Hunters

Angel III

Killer Angels

Princess Madam

Nocturnal Demon

Fatal Termination

New Kids in Town

The Revenge of Angel

Bury Me High

Angel Force

Dreaming of the Reality

Mission of Condor

Angel Terminators 2

The Big Deal

Inspector Wears Skirts 4

Kickboxer's Tears

A Serious Shock!

The Avenging Quartet

Beauty Investigator

Mission of Justice

Angel's Project

Secret Police

ANDY LAU Movies:

Thief Of Time (TVB non series)


Boat People

On the Wrong Track

Everlasting Love

Shanghai 13

The Unwritten Law

The Truth

The Truth Final Episode

Magic Crystal

Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars

Lucky Stars Go Places

Rich and Famous

Tragic Hero

Sworn Brothers

As Tears Go By

The Crazy Companies 1-2 (2 disc)

The Dragon Family

In the Blood

The Romancing Star 2-3 (2 disc)

Walk on Fire

Bloody Brotherhood

Casino Raiders 1-2 (2 disc)

China White

City Kids

Crocodile Hunter

The First Time Is the Last Time

God Of Gamblers

God Of Gamblers 2

Little Cop

Long Arm of the Law III

News Attack

Perfect Match

Proud and Confident

Runaway Blues

Dragon in Jail

The Fortune Code

Gangland Odyssey

A Home Too Far

Island of Fire

Kawashima Yoshiko

Kung Fu vs Acrobatic

A Moment Of Romance 1 & 3 (2 disc)

No Risk, No Gain

Return Engagement

The Banquet

Dance with the Dragon

Don't Fool Me

Hong Kong Godfather

The Last Blood

Lee Rock 1-2 (2 disc)

Saviour of the Soul 1-2 (2 disc)

The Tigers

Tricky Brains

Zodiac Killer

Casino Tycoon 1-2 (2 disc)

Come Fly the Dragon

Gameboy Kids

Gun N' Rose

Handsome Siblings

The Moon Warriors

The Prince of Temple Street

The Sting 1-2 (2 disc)

What a Hero!

Days of Tomorrow

Future Cops

Drunken Master 2-3 (2 disc)

A Taste of Killing and Romance

The Three Swordmen

Tian Di

The Adventurers

Full Throttle

What a Wonderful World

Shanghai Grand

Thanks for Your Love


Island of Greed

A True Mob Story

The Conman

The Conman In Vegas

Fascination Amour

Prince Charming

The Conmen In Vegas

Century of the Dragon

Running Out of Time

The Duel

Needing You

A Fighter's Blues

Love on a Diet

Fulltime Killer

Fat Choi Spirit

The Wesley's Mysterious File

Infernal Affairs 1 & 3 (2 disc)

Cat And Mouse


Thief Of Time (TVB non series)

The Last Conflict (TVB non series)

Final Justice

Faithfully Yours

Dragon Fight

Thunder Cops II

The Unmatchable Match

Love Is Love

My Hero

Lung Fung Restaurant

Curry and Pepper

Sleazy Dizzy

Look Out, Officer!

All for the Winner

When Fortune Smiles

Triad Story

Legend of the Dragon

God of Gamblers II

God of Gamblers III Back To Shanghai

The Top Bet

Fist of Fury 1991

Fist of Fury 2

Fight Back to School 1-3 (3 disc)

Magnificent Scoundrels

The Banquet

Tricky Brains

All's Well, Ends Well

Justice, My Foot

Royal Tramp 1-2 (2 disc)

King of Beggars

Flirting Scholar

The Mad Monk

Love on Delivery

Hail the Judge

From Beijing with Love

A Chinese Odyssey 1-2 (2 disc)

Out of the Dark

Sixty Million Dollar Man

Forbidden City Cop

God of Cookery

All's Well, Ends Well 1997

Lawyer Lawyer

The Lucky Guy

King of Comedy

The Tricky Master


The Last Conflict (TVB non series)

Mismatched Couples

Tiger Cage 1-2 (2 disc)

In the Line of Duty 4

Holy Virgin vs. the Evil Dead

Crystal Hunt

Cheetah on Fire

Once Upon a Time in China II

New Dragon Gate Inn

Iron Monkey 1-2 (2 disc)

Butterfly and Sword

Hero Among Heroes

Wing Chun

Circus Kid

Legend of the Wolf aka The New Big Boss

High Voltage

Ballistic Kiss

Shanghai Affairs

City of Darkness

JET LEE Movies:

Shaolin Temple

Born to Defend

Dragon Fight

The Master

Once Upon a Time in China 1-3

Once Upon a Time in China and America

Swordsman II

Tai Chi Master

Fong Sai Yuk 1-2 (2 disc)

The Kung Fu Cult Master

Last Hero in China

The Bodyguard from Beijing

Fist of Legend

Legend of the Red Dragon

High Risk

My Father is a Hero

Black Mask

Dr. Wai and the Scripture Without Words aka King Of Adventure



My Heart Is That Eternal Rose

People's Hero

Seven Warriors

Bullet in the Head

The Banquet

A Chinese Ghost Story III

Don't Fool Me


The Tigers

Come Fly the Dragon


Butterfly and Sword

End of the Road

The Magic Crane

Timeless Romance

Tokyo Raiders

Seoul Raiders

Infernal Affairs 1-3


A Better Tomorrow 1-2

A Chinese Ghost Story 1-2 (2 disc)

Aces Go Places V: The Terracotta Hit

Once a Thief

All's Well, Ends Well

All's Well, Ends Well Too

The Bride with White Hair 1-2 (2 disc)

Shanghai Grand

All's Well, Ends Well 1997

Moonlight Express

Double Tap


Yes, Madam (Black Protector)

Royal Warriors (Black Protector II)

Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars

Magnificent Warriors

Supercop - Police Story III

The Heroic Trio


Butterfly and Sword

Holy Weapon

Project S aka Supercop 2

Wing Chun

The Tai-Chi Master

Wonder Seven

The Stunt Woman

Selain judul diatas masih banyak judul lain yang belum disebutkan, jika berminat bisa dikirimkan ke email.

Untuk pemesanan bisa hubungi no. dibawah ini :

-08157116867 dengan Marjuki (SMS/Kontak Langsung)

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