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Alat Berat Jual beli segala macam alat berat,konstruksi, dan kebutuhan bangunan

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UNIC - Truck Mounted Crane (Foco Truck) - Produk Jepang

Kondisi Barang : Baru

Harga :

Lokasi Seller : DKI Jakarta

Description :

PT. Netway Indonesia is the Sole Agent and responsible for sales – service – spare parts within the region of Indonesia for:

1. Flli Ferrari (Italy) – Articulating Truck Mounted Crane & Skycrane (Aerial Working Platform/AWP)

2. Dongyang Mechatronics (Korea) – Telescopic Truck Mounted Crane & Orange/Scrap Grapple Crane

Special Feature and Advantage of Truck Mounted Crane:

*Flli Ferrari: *Integral (one-piece) steel castings, at the heart of Flli Ferrari rack and pinion slewing systems, distribute load stresses more evenly, are more reliable, lighter in weight, and up to 50% more durable than welded steel; *Quality of crane can be trusted because the experimental department performs working tests on the prototypes that simulate the entire life of the crane; *Load limiting device is to protect your crane from overload and to keep the safety of operator.

*Dongyang Mechatronics: *More than 20 years experienced in produced hydraulic cylinder (the main strength of crane) and supplied it to Tadano (That’s why the color of Dongyang is blue); *Safety Device, such as: anti to block (prevent the hook hit the boom), load limiter device, emergency stop, alarm horn; *Complete with Rear Outrigger, increased the stability during operational; *The material of crane is High Strength and Low Weight; *Working lamp; *Oil Cooler, to make the overheat slower during extreme operational.

The stability of Crane on Truck:

A. Light Duty Truck, 6 Tires, GVW 7.5 Ton

- Flli Ferrari F 551A3. Specification: 1.870kg @ 2.2m // 510kg @ 7.79m.

- Flli Ferrari F 561A2. Specification: 2.510kg @ 2.55m // 865kg @ 7.15m.

B. Medium Duty Truck, 6 Tires, GVW 15 Ton.

- Flli Ferrari F 714A2. Specification: 4.550kg @ 2.89m // 1.560kg @ 8.33m.

- Flli Ferrari F 714A3. Specification: 4.400kg @ 2.89m // 1.140kg @ 10.41m.

- Flli Ferrari F 717A2. Specification: 5Ton @ 2.76m // 1.715kg @ 8.25m.

- Dongyang SS1406. Specification: 6Ton @ 2m // 950kg @ 11.4m.

C. Heavy Duty Truck, 10 Tires, GVW 26 Ton.

- Dongyang SS1924. Specification: 7Ton @ 2.7m // 850kg @ 13.6m.

- Flli Ferrari F 721A3. Specification: 7.830kg @ 2.35m // 1.715kg @ 8.25m.

- Dongyang SS2036. Specification: 8Ton @ 2m // 400kg @ 19.8m.

- Flli Ferrari F 258A3. Specification: 9.100kg @ 2.6m // 2.140kg @ 9.93m.

- Dongyang SS2724. Specification: 10Ton @ 3m // 1.700kg @ 14.5m.

- Flli Ferrari F 732A3. Specification: 11.100kg @ 2.57m // 2.870kg @ 9.7m.

D. Heavy Duty Truck, GVW over 36 Ton.

- Dongyang SS3506. Specification: 15Ton @ 3m // 1.000kg @ 25.2m.

NB: Others type from above, you can discuss with us by email sales@netwayindonesia.com

Others special function of crane:

*Dongyang – Knuckle Boom Cranes complete with Scrap/Orange Grapple. Lifting Weight: 4Ton ~ 5Ton. Grapple Capacity: 0.35m3 ~ 0.4m3.

*Flli Ferrari – Skycrane. Max lifting Height: 13.3m ~ 15.8m. (Multifunction: For Crane & AWP).

*Marine Crane/Others Condition. We are also experienced for installing the crane above the marine or for others condition.

If you have any inquiry or something to ask about our products. Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also visit our website www.netwayindonesia.com. We’re committed to find a solution for your needs and work professionally because Your Satisfaction is Our Satisfaction. Thank you for your kindly attention.


PT Netway Indonesia

The "One Stop Solutions" Partner For Industrial and Project Needs

Andy Huang

Telp : (62 21)290-20-447 Ext 108

Mobile : 08111778386

Fax : (62 21)290-20-448

Email : andy@netwayindonesia.com

Yahoo Messenger : netwayindonesia

Website : Scaffolding | Crane| Breaker | Hydraulic Breaker | Excavator

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